The Development of the Fetus During Pregnancy

What Does Fetus Mean

Fetus Pregnancy

fetus (ˈfiːtəs) (Biology) - the embryo of a mammal in the later stages of development, when it shows all the main recognizable features of the mature animal, esp a human embryo from the end of the second month of pregnancy until birth.

Many future mothers want to know how the fetus inside them develops. On our website, we provide pictures and videos that will show you the stages of the fetus development on each week of pregnancy.

Only a woman is granted with this gift – an ability to carry a baby and help him/her be born. During this period of life, a woman becomes a precious vessel inside of which new life begins and starts to develop.

On average, pregnancy lasts for 280 days. It amounts to either 10 months (28 days in each) if you calculate it using the method of gestational age. Alternatively, 280 days amount to 9 calendar months starting from the day you had your periods for the last time. During this time, a tiny ovum that’s located inside your uterus will turn into a well-developed fetus. This will already be a little human being that is ready for living a life outside the uterus.

A future mother has been pregnant for some time when she finds out that she’s pregnant. Actually, when a woman finally understands that she’s going to be a mother soon, the rudimentary basis of many systems and organs inside the organism of a fetus is already formed. Even though all these are still microscopic, the structure and appearance of the future baby have already been determined.

fetus stages development

The first trimester of pregnancy is the period starting from the moment a baby is conceived and up to the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. During the 1st trimester, the fertilized ovum becomes an embryo. Embryo, in turn, becomes a fetus. The 1st trimester of pregnancy is the time when you should be very careful and pay attention to the future baby and yourself. Only under this condition you will be able to give birth to a healthy and happy baby.

During the first 12 weeks, almost all vital organs of a future baby are formed. The organism of a future mother “gets accustomed” to its new condition and starts working taking into account that there is developing a new life inside of it. It’s truly amazing that so many important processes happen within this short period of time.