11 Week Fetus

11 weeks fetus


What Does at 11 Weeks Old Fetus Look Like

what a fetus at 11 weeks

Your baby is equal in size to an apricot at this stage. The length of the body is 5-7 cm. He/she weighs approximately 14 g. However, the proportions of the body are still uneven. The head is big while the body is small. The baby has long arms and short legs.

The 11th week of pregnancy is the time when placenta is already actively functioning. It is responsible for regularly supplying the fetus with blood that is rich in nutrients and oxygen as well as getting metabolic wastes of the fetus and carbon dioxide out of your organism.

How Big at 11 Weeks Old Fetus

how big is a 11 week old fetus

How biggest is your baby this week.

how big is a 11 week old fetus

Fetal Development

images of a fetus at 11 weeks

Fetus size and development at 11 weeks (in the first trimester of pregnancy).

11th week fetus

3D Model of the Fetus

what happening in fetus on 11 week

What’s Happening in Fetus at 11 Weeks Your Pregnancy.

fetys week by week first trimester

What Do You See at 11 Weeks Ultrasound of a Baby?

picture of 11 week fetus ultrasound

Ultrasound fetus the third month.

picture of 11 week fetus doppler sonogram

Ultrasound fetus at 11 weeks 1 days.

Video Guid on Fetal Development