2 Months Fetus

what does a 2 month fetus look like


What Does at 2 Months Fetus Look Like

2 months pregnant fetus

Now your baby is already considered to be a fetus. The heart, neural tube, hands and legs, liver and other organs start to form. By the sixth week, the fetus’s heart starts to beat, and it becomes noticeable while the ultrasound examination. The placenta, eyes, ears, mouth and bones start to form as well.

During this month, fingers begin to appear on the hands and feet of your fetus, although they may still be membraniform. In addition, the brain and cerebral nerves start to form in fetus. The fetus’s genitals become visible. By the end of the month, the height of the fetus reaches approximately 1.3-2 cm and his weight is about 1-2 grams.

Size of Fetus at 2 Months

2 month fetus development

Size 1.5-4 mm, Weight 1-5 g.

Position of the Fetus in the Tummy Mother

Fetal position in 2 months pregnancy

How Does Fetus on Ultrasound at 2 Months

Picture 2 months fetus ultrasound

3d ultrasound baby at 2 months.

pictures of a 2 month old fetus in ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound of the child in the womb.

Video Guid on Fetal Development