6 Months Fetus

what does a 6 month fetus look like


What Does at 6 Months Fetus Look Like

6 months pregnant fetus

The immune system starts to develop, and the fetus`s body initiates the production of its own antibodies. The reflexes of seizing and wincing are formed. The lungs start to form as well, and alveoli appear.

The fetus is growing. More and more, he looks like a person, who will soon come into the world. By the end of this month, the height of the fetus reaches 20-32 cm and his weight is about 0.5-1.1 kg.

Size of Fetus at 6 Months

6 month fetus development

Size 19-33 cm, Weight 500-950 g.

Position of the Fetus in the Tummy Mother

Fetal position in 6 months pregnancy

How Does Fetus on Ultrasound at 6 Months

Picture 6 months fetus ultrasound

3d ultrasound baby at 6 months.

pictures of a 6 month old fetus in ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound of the child in the womb.

Video Guid on Fetal Development

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