9 Months Fetus

what does a 9 month fetus look like


What Does at 9 Months Fetus Look Like

9 months pregnant fetus

The ninth month, which lasts some-more than one calendar month, your baby prepares for birth. He spends most of his time quietly, but sometimes displays a noticeable activity. The fetus should be head down, preparing to coming-into-being. The height and the weight of infants at birth vary, but on average, the weight should reach 2.8-3.3 kg, and the height – 45-47 cm.

Size of Fetus at 9 Months

9 month fetus development


Size 46-48 cm, Weight 2700-3200 g.

Position of the Fetus in the Tummy Mother

Fetal position in 9 months pregnancy

How Does Fetus on Ultrasound at 9 Months

Picture 9 months fetus ultrasound

3d ultrasound baby at 9 months.

pictures of a 9 month old fetus in ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound of the child in the womb.

Video Guid on Fetal Development