9 Week Fetus

9 weeks fetus


What Does at 9 Weeks Old Fetus Look Like

what a fetus at 9 weeks

Your baby is equal in size to a big grape at this stage of pregnancy. The length of the body is 3.1 cm. Tom Thumb, the character of a well-known fairytale, was approximately of the same height. 9 weeks’ old fetus is already a little human being.

From now on, he/she is called “fetus”, not “embryo”. Your future baby sucks his/her thumb with pleasure. The heartbeat is from 130 to 150 beats per minute. You’re to take care of your baby since he/she can already feel pain.

How Big at 9 Weeks Old Fetus

how big is a 9 week old fetus

How biggest is your baby this week.

how big is a 9 week old fetus

Fetal Development

images of a fetus at 9 weeks

Fetus size and development at 9 weeks (in the first trimester of pregnancy).

9th week fetus

3D Model of the Fetus

what happening in fetus on 9 week

What’s Happening in Fetus at 9 Weeks Your Pregnancy.

fetys week by week first trimester

What Do You See at 9 Weeks Ultrasound of a Baby?

picture of 9 week fetus ultrasound

Ultrasound fetus the second month.

picture of 9 week fetus doppler sonogram

Ultrasound fetus at 9 weeks 1 days.

Video Guid on Fetal Development