Spot on Fetus Heart

Echogenic foci spots on the fetus heart


What are Echogenic Foci Spots on the Fetus Heart?

Hyperechogenic focus is a term indicating the increased echoicity (brightness) of a small area of the heart muscle on the ultrasound image. The identification of a hyperechogenic focus in the heart is NOT a malformation of the heart. It simply reflects the character of its ultrasound image.

The hyperechogenic focus appears in the area of increased deposits of calcium salts on one of the muscles of the heart that does not interfere with the normal operation of the fetal heart and requires no treatment.

Why a Fetus Can Reveal a Hyperechogenic Focus on the Heart?

Spot on Fetus Heart

  • sometimes the hyperechogenic focus in the heart is revealed in absolutely normal fetuses, and in the dynamics of ultrasound, this sign can disappear.
  • the existence of hyperechogenic focus in the heart of the fetus can be a manifestation of chromosomal diseases, inter alia, of the Down syndrome. In view of this, a thorough assessment of fetal anatomy is carried out upon detection of a hyperechogenic focus. However, this marker refers to “small” markers of the Down syndrome, thus, revealing of a hyperechogenic focus in the heart does not increase the risk of having the Down syndrome and is not an indication for other diagnostic procedures.

What to do in Case of Identifying of Hyperechogenic Focus in the Heart of the Fetus?

  • if the fetus revealed ONLY the hyperechogenic focus of the heart, then no further testing is required; the risk of the Down syndrome is not increased.
  • the planned ultrasound on the 32nd-34th weeks will once again examine the heart of the fetus. In most cases, the hyperechogenic focus on the heart fades to this date of pregnancy, but even if it remains in the heart, this has no effect on the health of the fetus and the tactics of pregnancy.

Ultrasound video: EIF or echogenic intracardiac focus.